Feminine Leadership & Wisdom
for the Good of the Whole

Welcome to WOMENwise!

WOMEwise is an EARTHwise collaborative initiative to empower women and men through Feminine Leadership Wisdom and WISEwoman Custodianship for our collective Thriveability. 

WOMENwise provides courses, mentorship, and coaching sessions for organisational, personal  & collective development. We also support the development of conscious partnerships and collaboratories for Thriveability. 



WOMENwise for organizations facilitates an important shift in the way we grow and develop our organizations based on feminine wisdom principles and practices. To find out how we can support your organizationclick here. 


Tbe WISEwoman Quest

The WISEwoman Quest for our personal & collective development supports women around the world to discover and actualize their WISEwoman potential in community with others. Here we learn and practice how to become Custodians for our collective Thriveability. 


WOMENwise Sanctum

Visit our WOMENwise Sanctum for Inspiration, Wellness & Nourishment. Our online and physical Sanctums are sacred sanctuaries that hold space for the sharing of Wisdom for our collective flourishing. Sanctums sustain and nourish the Heart of our Organisations. 

Our Call & Invitation

Our WOMENwise Community is a call and invitation for us to enter into conscious partnerships and co-creative synergies, based on respect and appreciation for the feminine and masculine principles rooted in Wisdom.

As a community we are committed to embody and practice this, personally and professionally. As Custodians for this Wisdom, we seed this into the Heart of our economic, political, cultural, and social systems.

We are each committed to the deeper shift that is required for the Good of the Whole ~ individually and as a collective of people and organisations.

We understand that our collective Thriveability rests on the quality of our relationships with each other ~ Ubuntu.

As WOMENwise Custodians we lead this shift in our societies. We, therefore, invite the men to walk this journey with us ~ in conscious relationship.  We honour their MENwise Custodianship as equal partners in this healing shift for the flourishing of our World and Future.

WOMENwise Conversations

“Through the feminine, Love is received. Through the masculine, Love is fertilized. Through the feminine, Love is nurtured to grow until it is ready to be born, at which stage the active masculine brings it into the world. Together in their union, Love is made manifest.” 

“The creation of WOMENwise is so incredibly important! If we are going to see progress for humanity, it is only when the female gender is educated, empowered, and free to be the leaders our world so desperately needs.” ~ Rose Trefz, Founder of Worldwide Women’s Support Circle & Global Sisterhood