WOMENwise for organisations provides training for women & men in feminine leadership, and feminine growth & development models. Our emphasis is on the development of relational thinking skills, intuitive intelligence, seeing & acting from wholeness, inclusiveness, responsiveness, reciprocity, and mutuality.

We support organizations to become more inclusive and better attuned to feminine qualities and contributions. By co-creating networks, partnership communities and collaboratories based on feminine wisdom principles, WOMENwise acts as a vital support system for women in organisations. This also includes facilitation for better collaboration between men and women. For more information, click here. 


The WOMENwise Leadership Course is designed for women in Leadership positions to develop their leadership capacity in a feminine wisdom-based way. With guidance on how to apply this systemically at the level of company policies, strategies, and practices. The Course includes three Modules: 

1. Growth & development models for Thriveability -application of feminine wisdom practices & eco-systemic principles.

2. Vision Development - Leading from the Future.

3. Relational Intelligence - Developing the relational competencies and practices for Thriveability.


“If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Women empowerment initiatives are not new. There are many examples around the world that showcase the efforts of companies to make their business more “women friendly & inclusive”. The real shift, however, will not come by increasing the numbers. It happens when we develop true partnership between the feminine and masculine qualities in both women and men! It happens when we integrate and apply feminine wisdom within the design of the structure, governance, and strategies of our companies.

This is what makes WOMENwise unique – our approach, design principles, and strategies are wisdom-based. Wisdom does not divide; it aligns, synergizes, and unites. WOMENwise works with women and men, to provide balance through partnership and co-creative synergy.

When the feminine wisdom can be respected and applied in her rightful role with the masculine wisdom, our World and Future will flourish, and the Good of the Whole will finally be realized.


What we offer is different from many other women empowerment programs. Our focus is on embedding the feminine wisdom principles within the whole organizational eco-system

Emphasis is on optimisation, inclusiveness, collaboration, synergy, mutuality, and reciprocity. This generates a very different result, compared to the mainstream extractive growth and development models. 

Our WOMENwise Empowerment program provides customized support for companies to develop their in-house women empowerment program. This is designed, implemented, and evaluated at the level of company policies, strategies, and practices. For companies in Mauritius, this empowerment program can be MQA registered as an in-house training course.

The program includes, among others, the WOMENwise Leadership course, WOMENwise Leadership Conversations (also for better communication between women and men), development of Collaboratories & partnerships for thriveability, and executive coaching support for women in senior leadership positions.

For more information, click here or get in touch with us. 

Painting by Annelie Solis. 

Painting by Annelie Solis