Welcome to our online Sanctum! A place for Inspiration, Wellness & Nourishment

Through our WOMENwise Courses we also share how to create your Sanctum at home, in your organisation, and in your community. Sanctums are sacred places and spaces where we can meet to go within, and cultivate our wisdom connection with the Source of Life. 

A sanctum is best entered by letting go of outer distractions, giving yourself permission for some quiet time to listen, learn, and receive - relaxing deeply within your inner Being. Enjoy!  


"As your Mother, I wish for you to realize your beautiful wisdom nature and the Love that is here for you no matter where you are. For any of my children who are still trapped in this dream of division, may you realize that nobody can keep you there.

We have everything inside to awaken us and guide our way home. It just needs to be brought back into connection, synchronization, and harmonization with the unified field from where we have come.”



"Love first needs to be received, then fertilized, after which it is nurtured to grow until it is ready to be birthed into the world, to be shared. For Love to fulfill its purpose, each step is necessary. You may ask, why is the first step receiving and not giving? The answer is because Love has already been given.”


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